An extensive range

"We have a huge stock of spare parts for almost any forest machine. 

It's often urgent. Perhaps your machine had a break down in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a job. 

—A support with speedy deliveries is our first priority and it has to be right, sais Gustav - one of five in our sales crew. 

This is Thomas, Gustav, Genek, Jon and Senad who all make sure the customer gets the right spare part, to the right place and in time. It's a task that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. 

In total we're talking about a stock with hundreds of thousands of used spare parts. From 80's machines to modern ones. The spare parts are stored in more than 40.000 sq.m/48.000 sq.y.

"If we have the order before lunch, we ship it the same day. Customers are global and we deal with many different countries.

We get requests for a lot of odd spare parts, but mostly it's bogies, differentials, crane towers, gear and electrical components.

Senad har med sin bakgrund hand om kunderna i balkanländerna då han kan språket. Genek är från Polen och säljer både maskiner och delar till sitt hemland. Thomas, Jon och Gustav servar kunder över hela världen. De är alla väl insatta i reservdelarna i vårt lager och hur man fraktar dem till olika kontinenter.

"The obvious way to go is keeping things organized.

Bulky spare parts are stored out doors, in designated places. Smaller parts, that can be handled manually have their own pallet space. Göran and Pär marks up, takes pictures and register the parts in our warehouse managements system, as they exit the dismantling hall. One warehouse was added a few years ago and shortly, new ones will be built. 

It's important that logistics are smooth both inside and outside the gates of the company. In the warehouse Åke, Anders and Henrik move goods with the fork lift. If more power is needed, Göran or Pär moves them with the forwarder.

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Koppom Maskin AB

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