Terms and conditions

Here you can read about the terms and conditions for payments, deliveries, warranties and returns when you purchase something from Koppom Maskin. Contact us if you have any questions.

Payment and pricing

  • Payment alternatives
    • Pre-payment by bank transfer for all export customers
    • Swish (only applies to Swedish residents)
  • All pricing is listed excluding VAT
  • Shipping- and packaging costs are not included in our product pricing
  • We reserve ourselves the right to update our pricing

At delivery

  • Always make sure that the product is undamaged when it arrives
  • Damage caused by transportation is reported to the shipping company
  • Damage that has not occurred during shipping is immediately reported to Koppom Maskin. Never use a defect product, since this may make your warranty invalid.
  • A product that is damaged at delivery must be reported within 8 days.


  • Wear and tear lowers the replacement value of an item
  • We do not compensate for
    • Downtime
    • Transports of damaged or returned products
    • Working- or workshop costs that have occurred due to damaged product
    • Secondary damage caused by a damaged product

The warranty becomes invalid when a product has been exposed to

  • unusually hard wear
  • improper use
  • improper storage
  • improper mounting

Use of warranty

  1. Contact one of our sellers directly when you discover a damage you suspect fall under the product's warranty.
  2. Complete your report with the information that the seller asks for.
  3. Wait for the warranty case to be assessed by the product's manufacturer (applies to new goods)

When a claim has been approved by the manufacturer, you are primarily compensated with an identical or equivalent item, and secondarily by getting a refund.


  • When you return an item that we keep in stock, you get 90 % of net amount back.
  • Right to return an item does not apply to special orders or out of stock items.

How to return an item

  1. Always contact one of our sellers before you send an item back
  2. State the reason for your return
  3. Attach a copy of the current invoice when returning the goods
  4. Send the item you wish to return directly to our company address, not to a postal agent

    Company address:
    Hålvägen 1
    673 92 Charlottenberg

Koppom Maskin

Hålvägen 1
673 92 Charlottenberg

+46 571 210 00

Terms and conditions

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