"Around 150 machines are dimantled every year to become sought after spare parts.

95% of the machines are reused as parts and remaining oils, glycol, filter, hoses and batteries go to environmental recycling. All dismantling is done indoors in concealed areas, connected to oil separators. On an average we receive 15 trucks loading or unloading goods every day at Koppom Maskin.

As a harvester or a forwarder arrives for dismantling it is important to plan the process, for a good flow and functional methods.

"Often the machines come straight from use.

All machines are different, so that is a challenge. We usually start by dismounting all protection gear, crane pillar and wheels to get the machine lower, which simplifies the remaining work.

The machines are usually in good condition and sometimes even of a recent model. That gives us good spare parts that have a great market demand. We cannot say that we have everything in stock, but it is fair to say that we are heading there. With 5000 pallets and hundreds of thousands of spare parts, there is a big chance you will find what you need.


“Att uppmärkningen av delar fungerar bra är en förutsättning för att ge kunden snabb service när man väl ska hämta ut det som efterfrågas.

The bulkier goods are stored outdoors, but on assigned places. All parts of manageable size are stored on pallets indoors or under roof.  


“Två till tre personer jobbar på demonteringen. 

Here is a fire-ravaged forwarder about to be dismantled. Many parts are still useful even after a fire. 

Open 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Koppom Maskin AB
+46 (0)571 210 00

Koppom Maskin AB

Hålvägen 1
673 92 Charlottenberg

+46 571 210 00

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