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We dismantle approximately 100 forestry machines per year, which is the main source of our extensive inventory of used forestry machine parts. The sale of used spare parts has been a cornerstone of our business since the 1970s and has since allowed us to build one of the world's largest inventories of forestry machine parts from a wide variety of brands, models, and years, at competitive prices.

Do you want to sell your forestry machine to us?

What can you find among our used parts?

The short answer is: most parts. The used inventory includes everything from larger components like bogie boxes and diesel engines to small parts like valves and electronic components, as well as accessories like tracks and chains. Most of what you can find on a forestry machine, you'll find among our used parts.

Reusing - an important part of our business

We are actively working on streamlining the disassembly process from machine to spare part, with the goal of increasing the annual number of machines that can be dismantled.

In our future plans, we include a focus on dismantling more machines, but also on being able to repair a greater number of the parts extracted from the machines. By incorporating renovation and reparation into the disassembly process, it provides us with the opportunity to salvage more parts and also offer a greater number of parts of higher quality.

We dismantle a wide variety of forestry machines

When deciding to dismantle a forestry machine, the reasons can vary from the overall condition of the machine and the costs associated with refurbishing it to operational condition, to accidents that may have occurred. Demand for specific parts can also be a factor leading to the decision to dismantle a machine instead of selling it in its current state. This means that machines often come directly from production, are dismantled, and can contribute parts in good condition that can be reused, thereby extending the lifespan of other machines.

This means both older and newer machines end up in our dismantling workshop, contributing to a range that suits the needs of various customers – from larger machine entrepreneurs operating new machines to smaller operators managing their own forestry maintenance with a reliable workhorse from the '80s.

Our goal: maximizing the life span of machine parts

The purpose of our dismantling workshop is to maximize the utilization of machines and parts already in circulation and actively working in the forest. Together with those working in the forestry sector, we can ensure that both forestry machines and parts are used to their full lifespan. When we purchase and dismantle your forestry machine, this results in several positive effects:
- You sell your machine without having to deal with numerous inquiries from buyers.
- We get the opportunity to expand our inventory of used parts.
- Other forestry machine owners get the opportunity to choose more affordable, used parts instead of newly manufactured ones.
- More machine components are reused and utilized to their full lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions about forestry machine dismantling and used parts

Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about forestry machine dismantling.
Do you have a question that you can't find an answer to? Feel free to contact us!

Varför demonterar ni fungerande maskiner?

Vi demonterar ofta fullt fungerande (eller renoveringsbara) maskiner, gamla som nya, helt enkelt för att en fungerande maskin genererar fler fungerande reservdelar. En demonterad maskin kan sedan hålla flera andra maskiner vid liv, tack vare de delar som genereras.

Can I trade in machine for dismantling when I buy a machine from you?

Yes, that's fine. Whether your machine is sellable or not doesn't matter to us.

What machines do you purchase for dismantling?

The short answer is that we buy any forestry machine. The slightly longer answer is that we buy any forestry machine at the right price. This means that there are sometimes factors that simply make it not cost-effective for either you or us to purchase your machine. Of course, you can always contact us with your inquiries so that we can engage in a dialogue!

How do I sell my forestry machine to you?

Read more at our page about machine sales.

Can I find used parts for my new forestry machine from you?

There is a high probability that we have used spare parts for newer forestry machines. We dismantle a wide range of machines, considering brand, model, and year of manufacture. Therefore, feel free to ask us about used parts before spending your money on a new one.

I have an old machine that hasn't been manufactured for many years. Do you have any used parts for it?

There's always a possibility that we have parts for your old machine, sometimes both used and new. We've been building our spare parts inventory since the '70s, and we continue to purchase older machines for dismantling as long as there is demand for parts. Additionally, our inventory includes a diverse range of unused parts for machines that have gone out of production. Therefore, never hesitate to ask us about the part you're looking for!

Do you only dismantle old machines?

No, we dismantle machines of all possible model years.

Are all older machines dismantled?

No, we don't dismantle a machine solely because it is old; each machine is assessed individually, regardless of its age. The decision to dismantle a machine is based on the demand for its parts and the demand for the machine itself. Therefore, we see no reason to dismantle a machine in good condition if there is no demand for its spare parts.

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