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At the time when Tommy founded Koppom Maskin, he had to do machine repairs and welding in the back yard. In 1969 he rented a workshop and a few years later he built the first of his own. Some more buildings were added before land was bought in Charlottenberg 1999, new buildings were set up and the business moved to its' present location.

The current workshop has capacity for three machines and a fourth in the wash hall.

“När det nystartade byggprojektet är klart kommer det att finnas ytterligare sex verkstadsplatser.

Repairs and maintenance from small to large scale are done - service, spray coating, hydraulics, electronics, replacement of worn out parts, etc.

"Customer needs is key.

The comprehensive stock of both used and new spare parts is a prerequisite for an efficient flow in the workshop. The customer needs and requests for the purchased machine, determines the following steps taken in the workshop. If the customer wants a new harvester head mounted, or a replacement for another used one we make it happen. Some customers wish to have a machine as it is, and some want to have a service done. It's all up to you!

"We want to be as complete as possible, sais Oskar.

Our vision is to become the market leader on spare parts for forestry machines.

Open 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Koppom Maskin AB
+46 (0)571 210 00

Koppom Maskin

Hålvägen 1
673 92 Charlottenberg

+46 571 210 00

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