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The definition of multipurpose, this is the track for all surfaces. The UNI Pro models from XL Traction are now manufactured with premium quality steel for increased flexibility and endurance. Designed and developed in Sweden for the toughest Nordic terrain. Our unique 28 mm link system and a specially designed 30 mm C-hook gives you more wear surface for increased lifetime.

UNI finns även i HD-modell med tjockare bärplatta för de största maskinerna. 


The Grip tracks are developed for maximum passability through tough terrain. The track is produced from 100 percent forged components for excellent strenght. It is equipped with our unique 30 mm C-hook and 28 mm link system for increased life time.


Weight distribution and less root damage. The new track from XL traction is developed for flotation and sustainability against roots and soil. The smooth design and positioning of the link system enables the track to run extremely lean and save fuel.

EWF 900

Specialplatta för de allra mjukaste våtmarkerna. Plattorna är utformade för att bilda en bro under boggin. Banden finns i bredderna 900 och 1000 mm.

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