How it works when you buy a used forestry machine from us

It should feel easy and secure to buy a forestry machine from us. We value personal contact and ensure that you are assisted by a salesperson who guides you through every step of the process. If you want to prepare for how the sale will proceed, you can read about the 6 general steps of the process here.

1. Find a suitable machine

You can find the forestry machines available for sale on our website. If you need assistance in finding a suitable machine, you can also request help from one of our sales representatives. In many cases, our sales representatives also have information about machines that have not yet been listed on our website, so do not hesitate to reach out.

2. Contact us

The easiest way to contact us is by phone, but you can also choose to initiate your first contact through SMS/WhatsApp or email. Among our sales representatives you will find people who speak Swedish, English, Polish, Croatian, and German – choose what suits you best.

During your contact with us, you can ask all the questions you need answers to in order to make a decision about a machine. You can also schedule an appointment to view the machine, if desired. If you are unable to visit us, we can, of course, also send more pictures and videos of the machine you are interested in.

3. Let us know if you want to trade in your current forestry machine

Once you have decided to purchase a forestry machine, it's time to proceed with the process. You inform us whether you want to trade in a forestry machine you already own or if you want to buy the machine without a trade-in. If you choose to trade in, we will agree on a price that both parties are satisfied with.

4. Choose if you wish to customize the machine

When a machine is delivered to us, it is inspected, repaired if necessary, and then listed for sale. As a buyer, you then have the option to add additional services and accessories to the machine based on your own preferences.

For instance, you can choose different accessories than the ones already installed on the machine, such as grapples, harvesting heads, or tires. Tracks and chains are also available options, both in new and used condition.

Based on your preferences, we can also modify the machine in other ways according to your needs. For example, in 2023, we carried out a customer customization of a Komatsu 895, which was shortened and converted from a forwarder to a soil preparation machine.

5. Let us know if you would like help with an application for financing

We have a partnership with Wasa Kredit and are happy to assist you in applying for financing through them. If you prefer to use a different option and manage the application on your own, that is possible as well.

6. Choose how you would like to have your machine delivered

We can arrange all the shipping, and you are welcome to participate in deciding the specifics of the shipment if you have any specific preferences.

3 common questions about forestry machine sales

Can I trade in any forestry machine?

Yes, it's possible to trade in machines of all brands and models, regardless of the model year.

Do you perform maintenance on the forestry machines that are put up for sale?

It depends. Our intention is to provide you, as a customer, with the freedom to choose the condition in which you want the machine to be delivered. However, we always conduct an inspection of the machines that come in and address what we deem necessary for the machine to be operational. After that, we let you decide if you want us to perform any additional service before delivery.

Can I test drive the machine I'm interested in?

Yes, you are welcome to visit us during our opening hours to test drive the forestry machine you are interested in. Schedule a viewing with one of our machine sales representatives.

Opening hours in Charlottenberg, Sweden: Monday-Friday, 07-16

Opening hours in Slatina, Croatia: Monday-Friday, 07-16

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